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What is a Utility coin?

As a utility coin, INDXcoin offers its holders unique opportunities to learn, grow, and get inspired to grow their wealth and increase their well-being through its Kingdom Wealth Community.

The Kingdom Wealth Community is a member-only community that can only be accessed by individuals who possess INDXcoin.

These resources are accessible solely to INDXcoin holders and include faith-based wellness and generational wealth training along with crypto-related educational content.

This training teaches individuals how finances operate in a faith-based system and provides insights into the Kingdom Wealth Community development, future vision, and mission.

For more information, please download our white paper.

Why INDXcoin?

Alongside its incredible utility, INDXcoin allows you to take advantage of the success of any emerging and successful crypto technology ( DeFi, ETFs, NFTs etc) without having to be an expert in each one. 

What is INDXcoin?

A benefit-laden utility coin whose market value is based on the index rate of the world’s 100 top-performing cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

What is market capitalization?

Market capitalization, the total value of a cryptocurrency, is calculated by multiplying the cryptocurrency’s price by the total number of coins in circulation.

How is the index calculated for INDXcoin?

(INDXcoin will never count itself in the index)

The World’s Exploding Crypto Market Meets Dynamic Personal Growth Content Right in Your Wallet.

So it’s an index fund?

No. INDXcoin is a utility coin whose market value is index based. It is not a fund and does not own the coins it indexes. 


Very simply, the crypto market is still relatively new and can be volatile. Many of the coins in its index have the potential to fall out of the top 100 as new ones take their place. INDXcoin immediately captures those changes without owning each coin.

Most cryptocurrencies have prices that are based on supply and demand. For the price of INDXcoin to change, the top 100 coins in the index have to increase or drop in price. 

March 2022

✅ INDX Development Start

March 2022

May 2022

✅ Genesis Block Launch

May 2022

June 2022

✅ Core Wallet Launch
✅ Mobile Wallet Launch

June 2022

October 2022

✅ INDX Blockchain Audit
✅ INDXcoin Awareness Campaign

World-renowned third-party auditor Hacken performs full L1 audit on INDXcoin 

Public launch of INDXcoin awareness campaign.  Enthusiasts share INDXcoin’s future launch of the Kingdom Wealth Exchange.

October 2022

March 2023

✅ Utility MVP Launch

INDXcoin launches its Kingdom Wealth Utility, a membership-driven community only accessible by those who own INDXcoin.

March 2023

April 2023

✅ Launch on

INDXcoin projected to launch on the Kingdom Wealth Exchange out of Canada.  The exchange will include the following trade pairs at the time of launch:


April 2023

June 2023

INDXcoin Utility Internal Rewards

A further enhancement of the INDXcoin utility, February’s focus will be to reward INDXcoin holders with additional INDXcoin(s) in exchange for consuming, participating in, sharing, and creating content in the Kingdom Wealth Utility.

June 2023

Q3 2023

Multiple Exchange Expansion

INDXcoin expands to other exchanges (given INDXcoin is listed & sold at the posted index rate only). 

Q3 2023

Q3 2023

Proof-of-Price Algorithm

Launch of INDXcoin’s revolutionary “proof-of-price” algorithm that includes the purchase price of each coin within the network ledger for buyer confidence.

Launch of marketplace on Kingdom Wealth Exchange where INDXcoin holders can use INDXcoin to buy goods and services.

Q3 2023

Q4 2023

INDXcoin Utility Marketplace

Launch of marketplace on Kingdom Wealth Exchange where INDXcoin holders can use INDXcoin to buy goods and services.

Q4 2023

Q4 2023

INDXcoin Utility Business Rewards

INDXcoin bridges the digital and physical worlds through the launch of a unique loyalty rewards program.

Q4 2023

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A Stable Approach

INDXcoin’s market value is index-based. Other cryptocurrency values are based on supply and demand. For the value of INDXcoin to change the top 100 coins in the index would have to increase or decrease in price.


Secure Platform

Built on an audited, fully decentralized open-source custom blockchain, our secure and reliable network operates free from outside influences and bad actors. Utilizing a custom variant of the peer-to-peer protocol called Proof of Stake Velocity(PoSV), it encourages users to hold their coin on a running core wallet (or "stake") to help operate and secure the network. With hundreds of stakers on the network now and growing daily, rest assured your coin is secure.


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